News Flash: In Service of the King 2.0

In Service of the King 2.0 * Huzzah!*

The Road to the King Series

In Service of the King Bookne cover march 214 ebookAfter a two-month long stint with our eagle-eyed editor–David Antrobus of Be Write There editing–the new version of our second novel in The Kingdom Isle series is up for download on Amazon.

The result is a polished, updated and expanded version, including thirty-five new pages of material, which address issues and queries brought up by you, the series fans & reviewers.

Already bought the old version? Have no fear… folks that already own this novel can simply re-fresh their copy–for free–by utilizing the nifty kindle management feature, whether on Kindle or via the many Kindle apps.

If you have not reviewed the novel already on Amazon, please do so. Reviews help keep the novel–and thereby the series–up higher in the public view.

Next week: sneak peek section posted of the third novel in the series: In Search of the King!

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