Audio Embarkation

On our foray into the Audio realm…

The Road to the King Series

grammofono imageAudiobooks are getting quite a bit of talk-time and ad space these days. My oldest teenager and her friends discuss them excitedly on social media, using phrases I remember utilizing–in my own awkward youth–about anything “new.”

I remember audiobooks, back when they were called “Books on Tape”… and item that only lacked the enhanced sound quality of today’s offerings, as well as the handy ability to skip ahead to the next chapter. I once rode in the back of my parent’s pickup truck–across the western half of this great nation–with The Lord of the Rings on cassette tape playing in my off-brand walk-man. The cassettes I found for free at my local library.

Despite my guiltily fast-forwarding through some of the more saga-type songs, I liked hearing the books, noting that the tone and setting felt more ‘real’ for the passionate storyteller narrating the prose. Spoken aloud, the book ignited…

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